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The Auto Industry / UAW Bailout
Unfortunately our government nannies are bent on "bailing out" the auto . A September 2009 Gallup poll indicated that for the first time since it began . And the UAW owns $10 billion of the bonds and they're getting 40 percent of the stock . . Thursday night [12/11/2008] after the United Auto Workers refused to accede to .


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Latest Polls: Gallup, Rasmussen: Romney +1,+2 | RCP Avg: Obama +3.1 . The Idiocy of China Envy - Rich Lowry, National Review Going All the Way With LBJ .

President Obama Dings Romney In UAW Speech - Blogrunner
Feb 28, 2012 . A new Quinnipiac poll in New Jersey finds that with Gov. . record deficits, record food stamp use, and record debt. . President Obama was in full campaign mode and resembled his 2008 self in a rousing speech at a United Auto . in the latest USA Today/Gallup poll of national voters, with Read more.

UAW $7000 Bonuses on Record GM Profit May Lift Economy
Feb 17, 2012 . Vote in Urgent National Poll — Click Here. . of UAW Local 652 in Lansing, Michigan, where GM builds Cadillacs. . Michigan and Ohio went for Barack Obama in 2008 and now each has a . They'll pay a large share in taxes and use the rest to pay off debts. . Gallup: Most Americans Expect to Retire at 67 .

State of the Union
5 days ago . The company had $12.6 billion in debt at the end of the quarter. . Romney has been harshly critical of the UAW — contending that the union got . the former Ohio governor, said that during the crisis in 2008, Honda executives . About 45 % of those polled said the federal government's decision to extend .

Additional findings from the survey are:

  • Gallup Poll Shows Once Again Obama on Wrong Side of the Issue ...
    Mar 22, 2012 . Gallup Poll Shows Once Again Obama on Wrong Side of the Issue With . A solid majority of Americans think the U.S. government should .

  • Gallup Survey Paints Grim Picture for the Obama Administration for ...
    Feb 22, 2012 . The Hill reports that a Gallup survey shows 'sharp deterioration in job . government intrusive manner … the chickens come home to roost.

  • UAW, Occupy and Obama Hang Themselves Together - John ...
    Jan 26, 2012 . According to Gallup 64 percent think big government is a bigger threat, and 26 percent think the bigger threat comes from big business.

  • The True Price Of Auto Labor Costs - CBS News
    Mar 30, 2009 . While UAW Is Blamed For Detroit's Troubles, Comparison To Wages Paid By Foreign . in Japan - worth billions - are subsidized by the Japanese government. . by grayfrier December 22, 2008 3:48 AM EST: If we should blame anyone . Gallup poll finds a third of Indians 'suffering' · Australian billionaire: .

  • Poll: Most oppose Wisconsin-style bills - Jennifer Epstein ...
    Feb 22, 2011 . A poll finds that 61 percent of Americans would oppose a labor bill . Sixty-one percent of Americans surveyed for a USA Today/Gallup Poll said they would oppose a law . Americans were divided over whether cutting government programs . collective pay each year, according to a 2008 Senate analysis.

On introductory bonuses, the survey found that:

  • Obama's Change « America, You Asked For It!
    Jan 14, 2011 . Because the Gallup unemployment measure is not seasonally adjusted, it tends to . than the government's because Gallup polls on the unemployment situation continuously. . One of the most often mentioned planks in Obama's 2008 . The national debt topped $14000000000000 (that's FOURTEEN .

  • Are the Polls Accurate? - WSJ.com
    Oct 22, 2008 . Gallup and Pew have polled such households, and found their . of "The Almanac of American Politics 2008" (National Journal Group). . When the UAW and GM reached an agreement to save the auto maker, workers at non-UAW plants paid the price. . Trying to Shed Student Debt668 comments. 4.

Obama's speech to UAW was a real stem-winder – Applesauce ...
Feb 29, 2012 . Obama's speech to UAW was a real stem-winder . December 2008 (123), November 2008 (116), October 2008 (243), September 2008 . family values (6), FBI (5), federal budget (2), federal debt (69), federal deficits (24) . free markets ( 1), Gabrielle Giffords (10), Galileo (1), Gallup poll (54), Garry Wills (1) .

Financial, Government, & Corporate Corruption & Cronyism. . Karl Denninger on Glenn Beck 8/21/2008 . political hypocrisy (43), politicans (82), Politics (111), polls (2), Ponzi (12), ponzi scheme (17), Pooling & Servicing Agreement (1), Portugal . For decades, urban investors had bought stakes in farm mortgage bonds.

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