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US Federal Debt by Year - Charts Tables History
Mar 22, 2012 . Charts and analysis of the US Federal Debt, including current debt, 20th . increasing again in the 2000s, reaching 70 percent of GDP in 2008.


United States public debt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
GDP is a measure of the total size and output of the . In the 2007 fiscal year, U.S. federal debt held by the public was . By August 2008, the total debt was $9.6 trillion.

History of the United States public debt - Wikipedia, the free ...
The table below shows the annual federal spending, gross federal debt, and gross domestic .

National Debt by Presidential Term - per Capita and as Percentage ...
Shows US national debt 1976-2012, by president. Shows .

Archived-Articles: Obama's Hockey Stick: The Federal Debt
May 2, 2011 . The national debt is calculated in two ways: gross debt and net debt. . The orange vertical line is at 2008, the last year of the Bush (43) Administration. . However, the reader will want to know that gross federal debt / GDP .

Additional findings from the survey are:

  • US National Debt Definition and How It Affects the Economy
    Mar 3, 2012 . A description of the US national debt, how the US debt got so large, . The $700 billion bailout helped the debt grow to $10.5 trillion by December 2008. . is the debt as a percent of the total country's production, or GDP, which .

  • CBO | The Long-Term Budget Outlook
    Jun 30, 2010 . As a result of those deficits, the amount of federal debt held by the public has surged. At the end of 2008, that debt equaled 40 percent of the nation's annual economic output (as measured by gross domestic product, or GDP), .

On introductory bonuses, the survey found that:

  • The Federal Debt: Too Little Revenue or Too Much Spending?
    Jul 7, 2011 . Medicare and Social Security.1 This essay analyzes federal government revenues and . both actual debt and debt relative to GDP began to rise sharply, reaching 64 percent of . In just three years (2008-10), the nation's debt .

National Debt Graph by President
For 20-years, under Reagan and the Bushes, the national debt increased compared to GDP every single year. In most other years it decreased. Twenty years in .

U.S. National Debt / GDP 1946-1960 (billions)
Mar 31, 2011 . The U.S. Federal National Debt and the Debt/GDP Ratio: At the end . 2008. 2009. 2010. U.S. National Debt / GDP 1980-2010 (billions). GDP .

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