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National Monthly Average Mortgage Rates * 2007
2007, 30 Year FRM, 15 Year FRM, 5/1. ARM, 1 Year ARM. January, 6.22, 5.97, 6.02, 5.47. February, 6.29, 6.02, 6.00, 5.51. March, 6.16, 5.88, 5.90, 5.44 .


Interest Rate Trends ~ Historical Graphs for Mortgage Rates
Three month, one year, three year, long-term trends of mortgage rates on 30 and 15-year fixed and 1-year adjustable rate mortgages.

Mortgage rates hit highest in 10 months - Jun. 7, 2007
Jun 7, 2007 . Mortgage rates jumped again this week on increasing inflation fears after a report showed hourly earnings rising, according to a report from .

Mortgage rates take biggest jump in nearly 4 years - Jun. 14, 2007
Jun 14, 2007 . Mortgage rates made their largest upward movement in three years, and the 30- year fixed-rate reached its highest level since July 2006, .

National Mortgage Rate Statistics - 2007
National average mortgage rates for 2007 from HSH Associates, the world's leading publisher of mortgage and consumer loan information; we survey current .

Additional findings from the survey are:

  • How credit scores affect mortgage rates
    advertisement. Financial Literacy 2007 - Mortgages. PrintSubscribe. A cartoon man in blue sitting on a yellow and orange house looking at a paper. mortgage .

  • Homeowners are clueless about their mortgages
    Financial Literacy 2007 - Mortgages. PrintSubscribe. A small cartoon woman with a large measuring tape measuring a yellow percent sign with a. mortgage .

  • NCJ Realtors - 2007 Mortgage Rates
    Historical Mortgage Rates 2007 National Averages. Interest rates are constantly changing. Many people try to wait for the perfect time to buy or sell their home .

On introductory bonuses, the survey found that:

Monthly Mortgage Rate Resets, 2007-2016 - The Consumerist
Jan 4, 2008 . Credit Slips' Adam Levitin takes a look into the possibly even grimmer future of the housing market. We'll let him explain it because he's .

The Subprime Lending Crisis: Causes and Effects of the Mortgage ...
Greenspan admitted in 2007 that the housing bubble was “fundamentally engendered by the decline in real long-term interest rates.” Mortgage rates typically .

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