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80/20 Piggy Back Mortgage Comparison Calculator - A piggy back mortgage is when two . Comparison assumes the same mortgage interest rate for both of the first mortgages. . This mortgage calculator is for information comparison only.


Using an Interest-Only Mortgage is a Recipe for Disaster for Most ...
Mar 9, 2006 . Interest-only mortgages make sense if you're planning to own the home for a relatively short period of time . I have an 80/20 interest-only loan.

PMI or a Piggyback Mortgage (80/20 or 80/10)? at DailyInterest.com
PMI or Piggyback Mortgage (also known as an 80/20 or 80/10)? The most . Take the interest only 2nd mortgage, pay the least possible and avoid the PMI.

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An 80 20 mortgage is also called a zero down loan or no money down loan. . be an interest only loan which could save you hundreds of dollars in mortgage .

How 80/20 Loans Work - Mortgage Calculator
80/20 loans are not as complicated as people may think. Many lenders will only finance 80% of the home purchase price, which leaves 20% for the borrowers . payment in advance: Enter the loan amount, interest rate, and length of mortgage .

Additional findings from the survey are:

  • The Pros and Cons of an Interest-Only Mortgage
    Nov 28, 2007 . Getting an interest-only mortgage can seem like...Read more. . than fixed period interest only). -subprime 80/20 allowing dti's of 55% (full doc).

  • BestMortgage.com - To Refi or Not to Refi?
    You figure out how much it will cost to get a new lower interest mortgage, divide . it only made sense to refinance if you reduced your interest rate by at least 1%. . Your 80% ($240000)first mortgage has an interest rate of 5.5% and your 20% .

  • What Is an 80/20 Mortgage Loan? | Home Guides | SF Gate
    Essentially, an 80/20 mortgage is a pair of loans used to purchase a home. . The 80/20 may be a little more risky because of variable interest rates and changes in . In some cases, the lender will offer only an 80/20 on a single-family house, .

On introductory bonuses, the survey found that:

  • 80/20 mortgage | Mortgage Reference Library
    This type of loans is comparable to an 80/20 loan. The advantage is that the borrower pays for only one mortgage. The disadvantage is that the interest rate is .

I have an should I refinance an interest only mortgage or open a line ...
I have an 80/20 interest only mortgage loan with hardly any equity in my house. I' m not sure if I should refinance my home or open up a line of .

Can I get a mortgage? (PMI, home loan, fixed rate, interest ...
Aug 23, 2007 . On the 80/20 option you could look at 5 year fixed loans, with or without interest only... 30 year fixed, or 30 year fixed with a 10 year interest only .

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